COVID-19 Facility Protocols for Toque, Inc.

The health and safety of all our players and families is and always has been our #1 priority at Toque.

In order to proceed with our services and assure the health and safety of all our player, we need all participants and families to respect and comply with the following protocols:

Arriving at Facility / Park

  • Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class to check in

  • All persons / players approaching the facility/park are recommended to wear a face mask

  • Upon arrival:

    • players will check in

During Programs

  • All coaches and staff are to wear face coverings.

  • Players are recommended to wear face coverings.

  • For families that stay, it is required to keep distance between other families around the area.

  • Only coaches and players allowed to stay inside the futsal court or soccer area.

  • Please advice players to refrain from any hand shakes, high fives, etc with other players



  • No sharing of water or food will be allowed amongst other players

  • If player(s) are sick, have any symptoms, or have been in contact with someone showing any signs of illness we encourage you to stay home.​

  • If your child shows any of the following symptoms BEFORE or DURING training, they will be addressed and sent home:​

    • ​fever

    • constant coughing 

    • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    • soar throat

    • having muscle pain or feeling fatigue

    • any other signs of illness

    • You will be credited if you cannot attend

Updated on August 23, 2021